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Browse our full line of YayU! products and start recognizing, appreciating, and thanking the people in your life today!


We can help you to better reward your customers and show your appreciation for your employees and all their accomplishments!


Spontaneous Recognition is a powerful way of showing your appreciation towards everyone in your life.


What if we changed the way we treat one another?

We started YayU! Simple recognition at work for one reason only; to change the recognition industry. We are more than just a place to purchase quality recognition products, we provide you with the tools and resources that will create a culture within your company that honors, uplifts, and inspires your employees to achieve more than ever before.

It is a researched fact that recognition and appreciation make people feel more satisfied in their work. This satisfaction creates happier employees that truly feel like they matter. This is accomplished through heartfelt recognition and can boost productivity.

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Who is YayU?

“In every moment, YayU! celebrates out loud the magnificence and brilliance in each of us.” – YayU!


YayU! Culture

We’ve built a world around YayU! and the culture of giving. Learn what you can do to be part of the YayU! culture!


Give a YayU!

Is there someone that has made a difference in your life? Shop our store to find ideas on how you can give a YayU! to those in YOUR world!


Become a Star!

Recognizing the magnificence is the first step. Celebration is the next step! Our programs offer ways to build a winning team!